corvi (corivax) wrote in kissingcrust,

squash sushi

I wanted sushi, but didn't have a lot in the way of appropriate ingredients, so I made four variations of sushi with a kobacha squash, though none of these are overwhelmingly creative.

  1. Cut squash into quarters and scrape out seeds and pulpy bits. Wrap one quarter in aluminum fire and tuck between logs in the fireplace. Pull out in half an hour, or whenever soft. Scrap flesh from rind with a spoon, especially including the char or ash (mm), and stir into about double its volume in sushi rice. Stuff into inari wrappers. (You can make your own, but I bought premade frozen aburage and just simmered it briefly in water and a dab of soy sauce.) I think what really made this one was the scorched bit.

  2. Cut off the rind, and cut one quarter of the squash from corner to corner in thin slices. Dip in tempura batter, fry, and roll up with nori and rice. Mm! A lot of sushi joints offer tempura sweet potato, and this is pretty similar. You need to eat it right away, though, before the breading gets soggy. Also, though I followed the directions on the tempura box, my batter was a little thin.

  3. Cut really thin slices of squash, steam them ,and try to wrap them around sushi rice. This one didn't actually work; they went straight to 'breaky' without a stop at 'soft.' It was okay draped over the top of rice, but not that inspiring.

  4. Simmer squash in water with a bit of soy sauce, mirin, and sriracha, then roll up with red pepper pieces and a very tiny amount of sriracha, striped across the way wasabi is usually done. Actually, I really liked this one.

So, um, yeah. Sushi, from squash. Pretty tasty, and the fireplace thing is very, very worth doing again.
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