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Cyanide drink

I still need to post about the Dumplings of Mushroomy Doom! Which were plagued by a series of disasters while I was making them, culminating in an emergency room visit. But, I wanted to make a quick note for a tasty alcoholic drink that caladri and I invented to hit the cyanide flavor cluster pretty hard.

  1. about twelve dried cherries; I used "just cherry" brand, which are poofy and airy and very tart. They're freeze-dried, and so brittle and crumbly and take liquid like a sponge. I don't know if "regular" dried cherries would work so well.
  2. splash of Flor de Can~a Nicaraguan rum to cover the bottom of the glass
  3. 1 part amaretto
  4. 1 key lime, halved and trimmed and smooshed up a bit
  5. 2 parts Croatian sour cherry liquor

This probably only works if you have our kitchen, and key limes and dried cherries and eastern european cherry liquor are things you keep around. The importance of the lime cannot be overstated. This is strong and sweet; you probably don't want much of it. At least, I don't.
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